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Liliana Iadeluca

   It was born in Genoa and works in the field of light at an artistic, technical and educational level.


   The passion for light began in the 1980s, while studying at the DAMS in Bologna , lighting the set for video shooting under the direction of set designer Gianni Polidori.

   Soon after he embarked on a  ten-year course at the Teatro Stabile di Genova , directed by Ivo Chiesa, to specialize in the technique and design of light. In those years he had the opportunity to work with directors such as Marco Sciaccaluga, Otomar Kreiça, Luca Ronconi, Egisto Marcucci, Terry Hands, Orazio Costa Giovangigli, William Gaskill, Elio Petri, Alfredo Arias, Piero Maccarinelli, Walter Pagliaro, Luca Barbareschi.


She was among the first Italian women " Technical Chief of Light" , responsible for impressive theatrical productions on tour in the most  prestigious Italian theaters, leading the way in a profession that had hitherto been considered to be of male competence.


He deepened the art of lighting for the show by signing the lights of theater shows (for Giorgio Gallione, Paolo Rossi, Marco Mattolini, Consuelo Barilari, Franco Carli and Mauro Parrinello), of Opera (for Beppe de Tomasi, Filippo Crivelli, Mattia Testa, Giovanni Esposito) and of Danza (for Joseph Russillo and Thierry Malandain as assistant to the French light designer Jean Claude Asquié).


He worked for the Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto directed by Giancarlo Menotti , for Volterrateatro directed by Vittorio Gassman and for the International Ballet Festival of Nervi directed by Mario Porcile.


She was Technical Director at the Margherita Theater in Genoa welcoming large international companies and artists such as, for example, Liza Minnelli and Barry White.


He conceived and directed "Operina della luce " with original text by Roberto Piumini and music by Andrea Basevi, produced by GOG (Giovine Orchestra Genovese) for the Science Festival  of Genoa.

He designed the lights and collaborated in the multimedia shows directed by Andrea Balzola.

   Parallel to the work of Light designer for the show, in 1995, identifying the expressive potential of light, he founded  ARCHiLUCE LiGHTiNG DESiGN a lighting design and consultancy studio, to interact with light at 360 ° in contexts related to art, architecture and urban scenography.

   From the beginning the projects carried out are very diversified from each other, taking part in a manner  fundamental and integral to architectural or set-up projects with the aim of bringing a high added value to the final result, combining perception, emotion, visual comfort and communication. The lighting of a space, both public and private, is faced through the interpretation of the cultural, psychological and perceptive problems present in a project.

   For artistic heritage, it makes use of a careful scientific / regulatory methodology in compliance with aesthetic and conservation values, sometimes reserving the right to emphasize the visit path with " coups de théatre" contextualized to the theme of the exhibitions (eg. Caruso Museum in Lastra a Signa, Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture and Museum of Contemporary Art of Genoa, Fortress of the priamar of Savona).


   In the interventions of urban scenographic installations it aims to stage the various architectural elements through a calibrated contrast of static and dynamic lights and shadows, used for example for the temporary installation at the Genoa Lantern or for the multimedia event of the Science Festival in the 'Area of the Old Port of Genoa dedicated to the shade. For the Genoa Aquarium he designed most of the tanks with light, creating a scenographic nocturnal path with poetically and chromatically modulated lighting to simulate "the light of the moon".


   In 1999 he took part, as director of photography, in the shooting of the medium-length film "La nuit de Gênes" written and directed by Enrica Origo, on the life of Paul Valéri with the shooting of Giuseppe Baresi.

   Since 2001 he has also dedicated himself to teaching Light design and Lighting technology both at the Academies ( Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti ), and the Universities ( Faculty of Letters and Philosophy- DAMS, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Communication ), both through workshops and professionalizing courses by designing numerous educational projects for adults and children and holding conferences and seminars.

   He was part of the design team for the realization of the European Project based on the dissemination of Videomapping and Augmented Reality "I Am - International Augmented Med" funded by the European Program 2007-2013 ENPI CBC MED of the European Union which saw Italy in the field , Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Spain, Tunisia, designing and creating exhibitions with young artists using new technologies.

   He founded the Cultural Association "In Forma di Luce" to promote the culture of light while respecting the environment and energy saving, also conceiving events on the occasion of some editions of " M'illumino di meno" by RaiRADIO2.

   For a few years began a research on the expressive technique of "Light painting" which is considered to all intents and purposes a true form of art, organizing events, performances and exhibitions for its dissemination, becoming Ambassador of the LPWA Light Panting World Alliance.


He has written texts, essays and articles for publications and magazines specialized in the field of light design.

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