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My research on light painting began in 2013, by chance, through some photos that my fifteen-year-old daughter sent me with her new camera testing the long exposure.

I therefore started to bring this photographic technique into my Academic courses to bring my students closer to moving light; at the beginning it was little more than a game, a diversion for the last few hours of the course.

Little by little I felt the need to deepen the subject and I started experimenting with this new “art form” taking inspiration from other light painters, but also following my instinct by building hand-made luminous objects.

I soon joined the LPWA  Light painting World Alliance, with whom I participated in the International Light Painting Meeting in Rome, in 2017. As ambassador of the LPWA I try to spread the art of light painting.

To my credit I have about a dozen events organized including "Portraits of Light" at the Genoa Science Festival in 2016 and 2018, International Day of Light promoted by UNESCO in 2018 and 2019;  Light painting at the Museum and Plays with Light painting for "M'Illumino di meno" in 2014 and 2015; "Bauhaus di luce" at the Palazzo Ducale Cultural Foundation in Genoa; International Poetry Festival 2013 and 2014; “Light painting at the Catello” in Milan in 2013; "The ephemeral shadow" for the Design Week 2019 in Genoa and others including the first show in which I used this technique as a scenography, Paesaggi Perduti dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini in 2015.

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